This course will present and elaborate introduction about the separation process, principles of separation and development of separation technology. The separation technologies which commonly used in chemical industries such as distillation, absorption, extraction, crystallization and membranes will be discussed. Moreover, the industrial equipment/technology for separation of various chemical compounds/systems will be elaborated.  The case study on the membranes separation technology for water, environment and chemical processes will be addressed. Application of the membranes into various chemical industries such refining, water processing, gas separation, biotechnology and wastewater will be discussed. Electronic presentation will test the skills related to scientific (e-learning) and problem solving (creativity to promote this subject through e-learning-MOOC/GOALS).

The main objective of this course is to provide understanding on the basic skills in information system development and innovation growth in industry. System analysis and design aspects in information system development are highlighted especially on the web-based project and the object oriented. This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills need for analysis, design and implementation of information system in commercial context. The structure of the course will make it more effective to the students for the preparation of encountering the working environment.

This course exposes students to the theories, concepts of human computer interaction as well as skills in developing user-friendly applications.