SEMESTER II 2015/2016


This course provides the concepts and skills for a development of multimedia oriented informative based web site. The skills acquired such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript in combination are essentials for the higher level courses introduced in this program.

Course objectives

  1. To provide an introduction to the concepts and skills on developing an informative website
  2. To discuss the right web development methodology, scripting, styling and desired features of informative website.

Course assessment

1. Cognitive (quizzes, assignments, tests) - 30%

2. Practical skills (projects, INAQ assignments) - 40%

3. Final exam - 30%

This course exposes students with the basic skills of programming using JAVA. The course covers programming methodologies, looping and selection, 1D and 2D arrays, Basic File Input and Output Operation, Exception Handling in JAVA and basic introduction to the Graphics and Applets in JAVA.