SEMESTER II 2015/2016

The subject aims to introduce with the basic principles of communication engineering which are necessary for study of higher level subjects in the field of communication engineering. The syllabus will cover: Classification of signals and systems; Fourier series; singularity functions; impulse response; Fourier transform; Parseval's theorem; convolution; energy and power spectral density; auto-correlation and cross-correlation; entropy; channel capacity; Double-sideband suppressed carrier; double-sideband large carrier (AM); single-sideband modulation; vestigial-sideband modulation; FDM; Narrowband FM; wideband FM; phase modulation; generation and demodulation of AM and FM signals; Noise in communication; S/N ratios for AM and FM reception; PAM; quantization and coding; PCM; delta modulation; TDM.